Universal PreHeater™s, Protect your investment!

Warm your Oil and Fuel for easier starts

The Universal Preheater™ converts the metal of a housing into a heat transfer element that exposes a large square inch surface of fluid to low watt heat. This design eliminates any chance of burning the fluid supply and still allows rapid heating of the fluid supply.

The unique flexible ceramic insulation pad of the Universal Preheater™ enables it to transfer 20% more heat while using 10% less electrical energy, and it helps protect the Preheater™ in rough environments. Continuous use of the Universal Preheater™ helps to drive moisture out of engine oil helping to avoid the formation of acid.

The Universal Preheater™ features a Peel N Stick adhesive backing which permits fast installation and instant use of the Universal Preheater™ once the installation is complete. Proper preparation of the mounting site insures a long life and the efficient transfer of heat energy through the housing for maximum cold weather start benefits.

The Universal Preheater ™does not invade any systems, therefore: no leaks. Will mount on a single plane curve (sorry but you can't form to a 90° angle).

Note: Model designations, descriptions, specifications and prices are subject to change without notice. Preheater™'s and specifications listed and/or shown here may not be stocking items and therefore may require as much as an estimated four to six weeks to deliver.

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